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Was founded by a group of highly trained lawyers committed in providing legal services of the highest quality to their clients. Our law firm holds an important international profile as we keep a multinational network with law firms worldwide that allow us to provide our clients with an efficient and integrated service. We particularly keep solid contacts with law firms in the United States, Spain and Latin America. Our services extend to different areas, primarily focusing on: 

Services that they provide:


Real Estate Investment Law, Tourism and Hotel Resort Development, Customs and International Trade Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Foreign Investment, Estate and Asset Planning and Structuring, Trusts and Banking, Immigration Services, International Corporate Law, Register and Public Notary, Franchise Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Anti-Trust, Intellectual and Industrial Property Law, Labor Law, Business Consultancy (PYMES), Telecommunications, Litigation, and Environmental Law.

Real Estate Investment

The constant growing of the tourism industry and the attraction that Costa Rica represents as a beautiful destination for living and doing business, has motivated RE&B ATTORNEYS to offer a very complete service as advisors for local or foreign investors who are interested in developing any kind of real estate venture in the country. We are proud of our well-earned reputation as the experts in Real Estate Investment assistance. Our experience is as integral as it can get, having served clients such as developers, investors, lenders and final purchasers, while covering diverse areas such as closings, condominium structuring (both residential or commercial), financial planning, trust platforms, corporate and property due diligence, litigation, mortgages, purchase option agreements, lease contracts, and many others. Finally, in addition of the expertise we have acquired by handling developments and closings in the Central Valley, and assisting countless ventures and deals in the North and South Pacific, having a branch office in the Central Pacific has allowed us to become the leading Law Firm in said region.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Our law firm assists local and foreign investors in all the necessary aspects to operate in Costa Rica. We assist our client in the preparation and review of investment instruments (promissory notes, lines of credit, etc), joint venture contracts, franchising and related agreements, commercial leasings; as well as in their corporate structure planning and in mergers and acquisitions. Likewise, we provide assistance in creating corporations and companies from scratch, handling everyday corporate issues (such as keeping and handling the company legal and accounting books), issuing notarized certificates, transfer of shares, issuing powers of attorney, and others.

Estate and Asset Planning and Structuring

Sophisticated clients require sophisticated asset planning and structuring for diverse reasons. Therefore our Firm offers creative and efficient solutions that will adjust to the client´s specific needs. Our international network allow us to establish solid structures in various jurisdictions (like Panama, Belize, New Zealand, BVI, among others).

Trusts and Banking

Definitely one of our most specialized areas. Working besides Trustco Fiduciary, our strategic allies, has enabled us to offer our clients trust investment structures that fit any particular need. As a result of such alliance with Trustco, we have had the privilege to prepare and assist from simple and very executive, to complex and interesting trust agreements. Our trust contracts entail hard work and effort, in order to provide the right structure that will overview and direct different situations, such as: Administration of Funds Trusts, Loan and Collateral Trust Agreements, Living Trusts, Real Estate Development Trusts, Financial Investment Trusts, and others.

Immigration Services

We have developed an entire division within our Firm that will take the client´s hand and guide him through the entire immigration process requested. Whether it is a labor permit, a visa extention, a residence, or a citizenship, our professionals will provide a thorough assistance and follow up through the whole process.

Register and Public Notary

Our team of Notary Publics have a vast experience in underwriting, closings, due diligences, property transfers, mortgage inscriptions, mortgage cancellations, affidavits, notarized certificates, among others. Notarizing documents is an everyday task that we take pride in handling with upmost efficiency based on our daily visits to the National Records for inscription submittals.  

Hotel and Resort Development

Aware of the increasing importance that this sector represents, RE&B ATTORNEYS assists foreign and local investors in all related issues concerning hotel and resort development, including the following: property purchase procedures, design and construction contracts, tourism incentives requests to be processed at the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (Tourism Declaration and Tourism Contract), time share schemes, joint venture contracts, etc.

Customs and International Trade Law

Costa Rica has followed in the last years an aggressive policy of integration with the international markets that has allowed its foreign trade sector to become one of the most important and dynamic sectors of its economy. Some members of our law firm have participated directly in the negotiation of these trade agreements, and as such have acquired a deep understanding of the implications that these treaties represent to our client’s interests.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Corporate Due Diligences, Legal Audits, Financial and Tax Planning, Legal Opinions. Our professional team has developed a complete and thorough system that enables us, from a strict legal standpoint, to deconstruct in detail a business structure, and therefore provide our clients with the information they require to make a right decision when merging with or acquiring an established business.

Intellectual Property

Specialized attorneys in this field, both in domestic and international practice, integrate our Intellectual and Industrial Property Division. Our practice includes all contentious and non-contentious issues in the field of intellectual and industrial property, including the registry, protection and exploitation of copyrights, trademarks, patents, utility models, industrial designs, integrated circuits and other industrial property rights. We also provide assistance in contracts of transfer and license of such rights, know-how and technology transfer contracts, franchising contracts and issues related to unfair competition.

Labor Law

Highly trained specialists in labor law are in charge of such division within our Firm, that provide our clients with a complete assistance for the companies they lead. It is common for such attorneys to work very closely with the Human Resources departments, and develop with them the appropriate labor structure for the specific company. Labor Contracts, Compensation Plans, Bulk Lay Off Processes, Severance Payment Calculations, Written Warning and Suspension systems, Corporate Labor By-laws, Employee Social Security structuring, Executive Income planning, Labor Risk Insurance, Retirement Plans, Employee Associations, Labor Litigation, are among the vast instruments that we take care of.                                                                                                                                                               

Business Consultancy (PYMES)

Municipal patents and licenses, Health Department permits, corporate bank account opening, commercial lease contracts, bank loan requirements, and assistance for PYMES entrepreneurship. Our Firm has a specific division focused on providing entrepreneurs with the legal tools they need in order to build up their ventures. 


Always innovating, RE&B Attorneys has amplified its scope of action by entering in one of the most dynamic sectors in the last few years in our country. A wide range of tasks are served, that extend from municipal licenses, operation authorizations, interconnection contracts, competence cases, entitling licenses and others, for services such as Internet, Mobile Phone Lines, Satellite Technology, etc. 

Insurance Law

Legal Risk Assessments, preparation of technical notes, insurance policy inscription processes, operational and pre-operational legal details and requirements, inscription of brokerage insurance agencies as well as insurance companies, portfolio transfers or acquisitions, re-insurance and co-insurance company legal assistance, litigation.